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Map depicting the monuments and markers featured in "The Civil War and Chicago: Memorialization, Commemoration, and Remembrance at Rosehill Cemetery" online exhibition.


Front Section.JPG
Photo of the primary Civil War section just inside the gate.

Train Platform.jpg
Photo depicting William W. Boyington Gate and Chicago and North Western Railway.

Alexandria National Cemetery.jpg
Photo of the Soldiers' Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia.

Gettysburg Battlefield.jpg
Photo of the dedication of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Burial Party Cold Harbor.jpg
Photo of a burial party on the Cold Harbor Battlefield, 1865.

Burial at Fred.jpg
Photo depicting burial of Union dead at Fredericksburg, 1864.

Dead at Antietam.jpg
Photo of Confederate dead at Antietam, September/October 1862.

Dead at Spots.jpg
Photo of Confederate dead at Spotsylvania, May 1864.

Mount Auburn.jpg
Image of the Mount Auburn Cemetery, the first rural cemetery in the United States.
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